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What’s Your M.O.S.?
Why Should Our Organization Have a Website?

Whether your M.O.S. in the civilian world is a service organization, charity, corporation or start up business, there is no question about it, you need a website.  Your website becomes your store or organization that stays open 24/7, 365 days a week, and can conduct money transactions while you sleep.  But building a website alone is not enough, as it becomes one star in the universe.  The challenge is how to direct the foot traffic to your front door and begin releasing your ability to generate increased revenues.  That is where we step in as our team begins working with your team to so we all begin living the American Dream.   

In today’s world, whether your a non-profit organization or a business, it is essential you have a website.  Everyone goes to the web now to check one out before doing business with them or contributing to their charity.  They want to know that your are legit and will be around tomorrow.  If you are an artist, craftsman, contractor, sell products or help the needy and sick; people want to see what you have and what you do before they speak to you.  So with the right kind of website, it will accomplish all that, and with the right kind of marketing strategy, it will drive the clients or contributors to your location.  Below I have listed what I feel are the top 10 reasons why every charitable organization or business needs a website and what you will beneficially gain by having one.

 1)  Websites are much less-expensive to have a team artistically create than you might think; and certainly much less than a “brick-n-mortar” building. Once the site is built, it pretty much runs on its own; you don’t need to be a computer nerd to manage it.  If you decide you would rather have someone else manage it, we can offer you a very affordable rate or even train someone within your organization to manage it.  We typically build the sites in WordPress because of the numerous 3rd party developers who have designed countless modules to integrate into the WordPress websites which will save you tremendous programming costs. 

2)  If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you can fully understand and manage a WordPress website quickly. All the modules that can be programmed into a Word Press website so your site is fully paperless and runs on automatic, is done in PHP code allowing one free access to manipulate the code to fit your specific needs and requirements.  Since the module is 2/3’s of the complete, before we begin to adjust it, that adjustment will only require a little bit programming to make it exactly the way you want it to work.

3)  In today’s world, rarely does one use the Yellow Pages to find the organization they are looking for; they use Google or one of the search engines.  If you are without a website, then you are leaving money on the table.  Obviously then, without a website there is no chance of being found by those conducting the search engines. 

4) Google has stated that 88% of all searches on the Internet are today, conducted on mobile devices.  This is one reason if you currently have a website, you must make sure it is “Mobile Responsive” as Google states they are no longer ranking non-mobile responsive websites in their search engine.   Even if one did try to find you in an Internet Phone Directory, the amount of information for them to gain would be very limited. A direct link on all your emails, Internet ads, search engine placement and social media to your website, along with a QR codes on your printed marketing materials that one can scan with their phone will also take them to the website where you can tell your complete story.

5)  Make a strong first impression is key and why working with a strong graphic team is essential. Having your logo, mission statement, video clips, and images on your web page with a nice, clean layout design makes a professional presentation for your supporters, contributors and/or business clientele.  

5)  Gain their trust and expose yourself to the community and business arena you are targeting.  A website is the best way to be vetted and gain the confidence of the visitor to the site.  American are givers and love to give to grass roots organizations that are legit and direct the funds collected to the causes they are working for and not to high administrative overhead.  When it comes to Veterans and supporting Veteran owned business, come on, you know we “Got Your 6” and your brothers and sisters will get behind you.  Some key elements to help solidify your group is to show your non-profit status letter from the IRS, contractor’s license, list your board of directors or key players, annual report and display your 990 forms, etc. 

6)  The beautiful benefit with a website is it allows your office to become paperless and now your organization to “Go Green.” Cut your overhead in labor, printing, mailing, storage, etc. reduce your travel expenses and allow people to access your resources and information over the Internet from the comfort of their own home.

7)  Your website is working for you around the clock. As your office hours are now 24/7 year round and does not even close for holidays. Your website is working while you are sleeping.

8)  You decide the image you want to portray to the public.  Your web page is a visible reflection of your organization.  As trends progress, you have to luxury of conducting a organizational face-lift, at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch.   It is essential that you present the right image, he words are important, but it is the graphics that can speak 1000 words. The website is the perfect place to tell the story and let the testimonial do that for you.  

9)  It is important to guard yourself against negative publicity.  In the changing world of rapid media coverage, social media sharing, reputation ratings and viral gossip news, an organization must guard themselves against negative publicity, whether intentional or unintentional. Utilization of the marketing tools you will find in our Armory, you can head off and counter any statements or negative inference someone may make.

10) The idea of a website is to increase your revenues, so in working on strategies it is important to stay up on the trends and technology updates to keep you ahead of the competition.  If you are not prepared to do that, then you might want to consider your options with us, we are hear to help.  If you don’t make money, then we won’t be making money; so we need each other.   If your website is not working for you, then lets work together and make it happen.  

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