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Welcome To The Armory
The Weapons of Choice

Our armory is full with all the latest weapons and technology to assist you in capturing your audience and clientele.  Coupled together with our consulting and implementing the right strategy, you always stand to win.  This is the place for all your Internet and print requirements.

Graphic Design for Print and/or Web:  We specialize in generating creative state of the art graphics for print and artistically pleasing websites.

Logos, Labels and Brochure Design:  First impressions are the key to keeping your client’s interest, and your graphics which says more than 1000 words will accomplish that.  Make sure your artwork is telling the right story and is in keeping with your corporate and reputation branding.

Website Design & Hosting:  We prefer working with WordPress as they are formatted in an open source code which allows us to modify them to create a custom website for you.  This will allow us to offer you a very low price for the final product as opposed to building something from the ground up.  There are many 3rd party interactive modules that can be added to and modified as well to the website so the site will work exactly like you want it to.  Connect-a-Vet can also build a custom website from scratch if required and we also have our own servers to accommodate the hosting of your website.  Each website comes with a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to fully manage and edit your website using a WYSI WIG (what you see is what you get) editor.

Mobile Apps:  We program your website and interactive features in the proper languages which allows for the site to be viewed on mobile devices.

Internet Based Application Software:  We develop industry specific software to be interfaced in your website and database.   We prefer developing in PHP, although if required will work in .ASP and .NET.

Database Architecture & Integration:  We will take your databases and integrate them to the Internet, create your organization into a paperless office; resulting in simplifying, organizing and cutting overhead. We specialize in Online Registration and Membership Renewals and can automate your entire process by taking the payments securely online, integrating an email client into the database and allow you to have a storefront to sell promotional products as well as receive online donations for the various programs you support.

Photography:  Connect-a-Vet can handle photo shoots and the editing for print and for web.

Videography:  Connect-a-Vet can handle video shoots and the editing for web commercials.

Recording & Video Editing:  Access to the recording studio to turn your videos into a professional production. 

Memes:  Creative graphics and taglines to deliver the message you are wanting to convey.

Copy Writing:  Connect-a-Vet specializes in writing copy for your website as it not only has to convey a proper and professional message, but it must also fit within the demands of the search engines which have specific requirements for getting your website placed within the search engines.

Slogans, Tag Lines and Jingles:  Our talents excel in this area, coming up with the right words that will flow for your organization and will be the theme that people remember you by.

Voice Overs:  Looking for the perfect voice over a commercial or online video, male or female, we have the voice.

Printing:  Print your logo, message, or whatever you come up with on T-shirts to Champagne Glasses and everything in between.

Internet Marketing:  We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing,  Email Marketing, Explanatory Whiteboards, Video Marketing, Corporate/Reputation Marketing.

Merchant Accounts:  A special pay-back program for non-profit organization to receive a portion of each transaction paid back to their organization.  Low rates, and able to take credit cards using a mobile device and over the Internet through one’s website. 

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