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Connect-a-Vet is a division of GlobeX Branding, an Internet design, marketing and consulting team specializing in working with Military Veteran Groups, Associations and Service Organizations. We also work together with Veterans who are trying to conduct business over the Internet. As service connected disabled veterans ourselves, we feel this is our way of giving back. Our programs are designed to make available affordable solutions in developing and promoting profitable websites and web portals as well as helping the grass roots organizations that are on the streets helping our wounded and displaced veterans and/or their families who are in need of assistance.

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We have a wide array of weapons to jump-start and sustain your business while introducing your organization to the public. We not only specialized in creative graphics, logos and web designs, but also in Internet Marketing with S.E.O., Social Media, Videos, Emailing and more...

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We don't just make you all look good and pop you up online just to forget about you. We follow through with the right tactical strategies for your business, non-profit organization or association's success in driving traffic to your site and fulfill your objectives in closing the sales, generating revenue, increasing membership and contributions.

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Having been in business over 27 years, we started when everyone was on 14.4 modem dial up connections; back when you could not hardly upload a photo without choking the server. Technology and the Internet has come a long way and is constantly changing with new technology. If you don't keep up with it, then your quickly become out-of-date and you will notice a diminishing in your business. The Internet is your office away from your "Brick 'n Mortar" office. It stays open 24/7 and 365 days a year; a portal that can be continually generating revenue. (I don't think we need a link to any place, it is just a statement of fact.)

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We offer your business, non-profit organization, association, etc. The weapons and strategies you'll need in tactfully approaching successfully win over your target.

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