The Steps to Making it Work for You

We make it easy and painless:

  1. Give us a call and let’s discuss options and get a feel for what you want
  2. I’ll then tell you to Google other organizations doing the same or similar goals as your group, so you can see what others are doing and best determine the likes and dislikes of those websites.  That will give us the insight to get your website right the first time and the way you want it.  It will also allow us to get creative in getting one-up on the competition to move your group ahead of the pack.
  3. Need to list what you feel the objective of your website will be; to market to the surrounding community or to the world, to communicate better with your membership, to increase your membership numbers, to make it easy for the membership to access documents and/or renew dues online, make products available for sale, receive online contributions, cut the overhead of your front office, or all of the above and more.
  4. Determine 5 – 20 keyword phrases (between 3 – 8 descriptive words per phrase) that best describes what someone would put into Google when trying to find out the information you are offering on a specific page within your website.    This is part of the optimization process for your website, there are more, but this is a start and each page within your website can be optimized like this.
  5. Call back and we will discuss the features, discuss the price tag, discuss your budget and determine what can be put together now and how to build a system that we can built upon allowing the website to grow as your organization grows.
  6. We will then take the payment and our team will start the building process – you being part of the team will be included through out the development and decision making as we want the end results to turn out the way you envision.
  7. If you want to take online contributions, sell products, have individuals register for events, or have members renew dues etc.  We offer a unique Merchant Account program for non-profit organizations and businesses to receive credit card payments and actually receive a rebate payment from each transaction back to the organization, as well as any company the organization refers and obtains a merchant account.

We want to work with you – We know that if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy
We take, Visa, Master Card, Cash, Check and Money Orders

Call today and we will design a marketing campaign specific to your company’s requirements